Participant Safeguarding

We care about your safety. FHI 360 workers and partners should NEVER:

• Threaten, harass or harm you
• Ask you for money, favors, or sex in exchange for goods, employment or services
• Ask you for sex acts in exchange for money

If this happens to you, call +1-720-514-4400 (international) or 1-800-461-9330 (within the United States). You do not have to give your name. There is no additional cost to call the hotline. You can also send a confidential email to

When calling from outside the United States:

  • Call your local operator
  • Tell the operator to place a collect call to the United States
  • Give this number to the operator: 1-720-514-4400
  • When the operator asks for your name, say: “FHI 360”
    • Your information will be kept confidential
    • Your call will not be recorded
    • You will speak to an independent third party

You can also report on our website: