How to Succeed in Your Tomorrow’s Leaders Program Interview

For those that are selected to the interview stage for the Tomorrow’s Leaders Program, here’s what to expect. Applicants should be prepared for an interview with FHI 360 staff, U.S. Embassy staff, and an alum of Tomorrow’s Leaders Program. The interview will be conducted in English via Zoom. Check out the five tips below for tips on how you can succeed in your Tomorrow’s Leaders Program interview!

1. Prepare Your Stories

Craft 3-5 compelling stories showcasing your leadership skills. While you may not use all of them, having multiple stories ready will boost your confidence during the interview!

1. Prepare your stories. Come prepared with 3-5 stories that highlight your leadership experience. Share instances which showcase your natural leadership abilities.

2. Take a Breath and Reflect

Don’t rush! It’s okay to pause, breathe, and gather your thoughts before responding.

Remember, it's ok to pause, collect your thoughts, and take a deep breath before responding to a question. This moment of composure can help you deliver more thoughtful answers.

3. Showcase Your Unique Personality

The panel has reviewed your application in detail; now, build on it during the interview. Share insights that go beyond what’s written in your application and let your passion shine through.

Be prepared to do more than give an overview of your application. The interview panel wants to learn more about you. Use this time to expand on the great application that landed you an interview.

4. Speak Naturally

While notes are fine, memorized answers are not recommended in virtual interviews. Engage in a natural conversation, let your authenticity shine!

Remember that the interview panel can tell if you're reading scripted answers from your screen. While it's okay to have notes for reference, we recommend engaging in a natural conversation that allows us to see your personality.

5. Check Your Connection

Find a quiet, distraction-free place with a stable internet connection, and ensure a smooth interview by testing your internet connection in advance.

Ensure a smooth interview by testing your internet connection in advance. Find a quiet, distraction-free place with a stable internet connection for your interview.

As you prepare for your Tomorrow’s Leaders Scholarship Interview, remember to be yourself, tell your story, and let your leadership qualities shine through. Good luck!

To learn more about when the interview process takes place, check out our helpful timeline.